Created by Agriment Italia: A new way of tasting and discovering Italian wines.


Dedicated to curious wine lovers, who want to go beyond the sole enjoyment of great bottles and enjoy a true immersion in the Italian wine culture.

Excellent wines bottled by the glass in our unique tubes that preserve the original characteristics of each wine. Each box is dedicated to a specific theme, designed to show you some of the best examples of different terroirs, grape varieties, or wine-making styles.

Included in each box, an on line wine course you can download by scanning the QR printed on each box.
While comfortably enjoying your wines at home, on your own or by sharing the experience with your friends, the wine experts from our team will guide you to the discovery of these gems of the Italian wine production.

Five boxes, five wines each, selected by Agriment Italia to represent the most important Italian wine regions and grape varieties.

The spirit of a country in the glass

Enthusiasm, long-standing traditions, in to delightful landscapes, gently rolling hills, renowned gourmet delights, and exquisite wines.
This is the essence of Italy, and no place embodies all this better than its central regions, home to some of the most famous wines of this blessed country.
Here you will find a selection that will help you taste your way around the amazing variety of excellent wines that these regions can express.

Italy's noble grapes

Nebbiolo and Sangiovese, two grape varieties that give birth to some of the best and most iconic Italian wines.
Despite all their differences, both these grapes share a great elegance and a unique sensitivity to their terroir, showing an array of incredibly different expressions.
Follow us on a tasting journey through gorgeous wine landscapes and centuries-long traditions.

The taste of "Oenotria"

Italy, or “Oenotria” (literally, the land of wine) as the ancient Greeks called it.
A flourishing territory, a land that even before the dawn of Rome appeared covered with hundreds of native vines.

In this selection you will discover a world of different expression of this millennial wine culture, that will bring you the colors and the perfume of the land blessed by the Mediterranean sea.

Minerals, grit and character

Some of the most exciting and intriguing Italian wines have one thing in common: the volcanic origins of their soils.
Volcanic soils lend the wines structure and longevity, together with mineral and saline sensations, that add incredible depth and complexity.
Viticulture in these regions had centuries to adapt to such peculiar growing conditions, creating rich wine cultures.
Here's where to taste these complex beauties.

Where every wine tells a story

For a deeper understanding of Italian wines, Piedmont is one of the most important regions to get to know.
Laying in between the ice-covered Alps and the warm Mediterranean sea, with an amazing variety of micro­climates, soils, and ancient local traditions, Piedmont shows an outstanding number of local grape varieties and wine styles.
From a refreshing Cortese, to an intense Nebbiolo, let us take you by the hand in this tasting journey of discovery.